DrySmart systems are cost effective, high value, effective, reliable, and easy to use. In addition to manufacturing convection drying trailers, DrySmart stays close to the industry pulse by actually performing restorative drying in partnership with restoration contractors. 
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Restoration Heat Drying System Grand Rapids MI

Heat vs Desiccant Drying, Which is Better?

In the world of restorative drying there are three primary types of equipment used to create a building atmosphere that enhances evaporation: refrigerant dehumidifiers, desiccant dehumidifiers, and heat systems... Read More

DrySmart’s heat drying system significantly cuts drying times and reduces water damage to structural materials.  Restoration contractors appreciate DrySmart’s ease of use, versatility, cost effectiveness, and competitive advantage. They find that heat drying outperforms conventional refrigerant and desiccant dehumidification methods and has a positive effect on their bottom line.

DrySmart’s patented process was developed after years of hands on restoration drying experience with both heat and dehumidification systems.  For 14 years DrySmart has been custom building heat drying trailers in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Technicians will especially appreciate how easy DrySmart is to set up and operate and how much work it saves them.  Striving to continuously improve design and performance, DrySmart stays close to the industry pulse by actually performing restorative drying in partnership with restoration contractors and works with the engineering department of a local university. 

For more information on our DrySmart Convection Drying Trailers, we invite you to explore our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 616-581-5920.

Fast Setup

The DrySmart Heat Drying Trailer puts you in charge of the drying job. Totally self-contained, DrySmart carries enough fuel to operate for over two days at full output and has reserve generator capacity to power your air movers.

Pull up to the job site, set up the hoses, turn a key, flip a switch and you’re up and running, filling the water damaged structure with lots of hot, clean, dry, fresh air. Drying begins almost immediately.

Fast Drying

Safe, affordable, effective, and easy to use, DrySmart cuts drying times, reduces structural damage, saves labor, and increases profits.

With over 500,000 BTU’s of energy available, the DrySmart Heat Drying System is suitable for a broad range of work. From water restoration and structural drying applications to temporary heat and Chinese Drywall Remediation, the DrySmart System is the perfect solution.

Fast Payback

Based on the Xactimate Rate of $2,200 per day for a 400,000 BTU heat drying trailer, a DrySmart System will pay for itself in only 22 days!

Fast Setup, fast drying, fast payback. Improve your bottom line with the finest water restoration drying trailer available on the market today!

The DrySmart is easy to set up, reliable, and very powerful. Its results on drying structures have been nothing short of phenomenal. My company performs well over 1,200 water losses a year and before last year had never dried structures with convecti…


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