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HEAT vs DESICCANT DRYING, Which is Better.

In the world of restorative drying there are three primary types of equipment used to create a building atmosphere that enhances evaporation:  refrigerant dehumidifiers, desiccant dehumidifiers, and heat systems.  For jobs beyond just a few rooms contactors have two primary options – desiccant dehumidifiers and heat systems.  As to which is better, that depends upon […]

DrySmart Patent Published: US Patent No. 8,006,407

Posted: 09/15/2011 DrySmart’s patent application has been approved and published.  The patent recognizes DrySmart’s use of modern technologies and methods in restorative heat drying.  Perhaps even more important in today’s ligation prone society, restoration contractors can feel confident that the DrySmart heat drying system is not violating someone else’s patent.  A portion of the patent […]

Discussion: Heat Drying the Future of Water Restoration?

Posted: 08/25/2011 IICRC Instructor Dennis Klager got a discussion going on LinkedIn on Aug. 14.  with the following post:  “Heat drying is a tool that “all” water restorers will end up using or they will be left behind……….agree – disagree?”  Following are several responses as well as the original discussion so you can read more. Doug Green […]

DrySmart Patent Application Approved

Posted: 08/16/2011 The United State Patent and Trademark Office notified DrySmart that our patent application 11/954,525 has been examined and the Office is allowing the issuance of a patent.  The subsequent paperwork has been completed and the patent will soon be published.  The DrySmart convection heat drying system is engineered to make you the best.  […]

Direct & Indirect Heat Drying Systems

Compared to dehumidification, heat drying greatly increases evaporation rates and speeds the drying process.  Until recently, all heat drying systems employed indirect fired furnaces.  Now direct fired systems have entered the marketplace claiming:  “25% better fuel efficiency over indirect heating systems. 100% of the BTUs are delivered directly into the structure. There is no wasted […]