Tim Fagan – President, Coach’s Catastrophe Cleaning & Restoration

We first took delivery of our DrySmart convection-drying trailer in December 2006. It has hardly been in our warehouse since. We have been so pleased with its performance in drying residential and commercial structures that were fully saturated that we have already ordered a second unit.

The DrySmart is easy to set up, reliable, and very powerful. Its results on drying structures have been nothing short of phenomenal. My company performs well over 1,200 water losses a year and before last year had never dried structures with convection drying. Our philosophy on large water losses has completely changed and our DrySmart is at the apex of our large water loss strategy.

Thank you for putting together such an efficient drying tool. It has given us a powerful weapon to quickly dry very wet structures. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the DrySmart to any contractor looking to take the next step forward in structural drying. (Note:¬† Coach’s now has three DrySmart trailers.)

Tim FaganPresidentCoach's Catastrophe Cleaning & Restoration